Pinakol & Litai

Pinakol and Litai are beaded necklaces produced by the Rungus people of Kudat in Sabah’s northern district.

In the olden days, beads have been a symbol of tradition to show one’s status and luxury. Beads were also once used as currency, wedding deliveries, personal adornment and items used for funeral purposes.

The beaded Pinakol is an important ornament worn by both men and women of the Rungus community and is also symbolic of the customs of marriage and death. The colours black, white and red beads are the basic colours that are often used by this community. The beaded work, colours used and designs can easily distinguish the Rungus ethnic group from other ethnic groups in Sabah.

The Pinakol features four primary motifs, Tiningulun, Inompuling, Tinugarang and Vinusak, each of which represents a story. A Pinakol takes roughly 2 weeks to complete.

In a Rungus family, the Pinakol becomes a hereditary piece, passed down from mother to daughter.

Today, this work of art is widely used to generate family income. Nowadays, Pinakol is available in the market for decoration purposes and the cost of a Pinakol is very much in line with its great aesthetic value.

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